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Dr. Gerald House
Dr. Gerald House

I am a serial entrepreneur who has owned, managed, or partnered in several business ventures, including engineering and construction, real estate, and financial services. Some of the business ventures I have been involved with are a fence company, a general contracting business, an independent real estate appraiser, a real estate broker, a business broker, a partner in a steel fabrication shop, and a financial advisor and coach. I have a diverse background in business management, business brokerage, business exit strategies, financing, real estate investments, real estate appraisal, construction, and personal financial services. One of these days I am going to retire…. NOT!

My professional education has been in engineering (Army Engineer School), History (BA Augusta University), Master of Science in Business Management (MSM Southern Wesleyan University), and Doctoral Degree (DBA Walden University) with a finance concentration.

I am a veteran who served my country as an Army Civil Engineer Officer in the National Guard and retired with over 20 years of service--8 years full-time service. I have designed and managed projects in Egypt, Jordan, Oman (Desert Storm), Dominican Republic, and the Republic of Georgia (former USSR)—along with numerous domestic projects in the U.S. I have had the pleasure of serving with some of the greatest American Patriots of our time. I will always cherish their friendship and support.

I am also a family man blessed with a large family, four children, and nine grandchildren. And, of course, a very special angel (My wife Cookie) who has, for reasons I still cannot comprehend, managed to endure my many blunders and dry humor for over 40 years. I am also a middle sibling with two sisters and an older brother who has since gone to be with Lord. Both of my parents continue to be very supportive in my life, and I thank them daily.

I am a disciple of Christ, and I give back my time by volunteering for various Church activities, including "Financial Peace University." My faith is very important to my family and me, and I continue to grow and learn every day. I thank God for allowing me to serve people with the life purpose he has designed especially for me.

I have a passion for teaching financial money management and investing. I consider myself a "prosperity coach" because prosperity is the goal we all want to achieve in our financial lives. I believe it is my mission to educate people on true financial independence to enjoy the freedoms it brings and not be burdened with financial hardships.

I have been a slave myself to the financial burdens of life. I have witnessed, first hand, how bad advice can ruin a good business or destroy a person's life savings. Now, I put myself out there as a "truth gladiator" ready to fight for those people who need honest financial advice and direction in their lives.

I am a "regular Joe." I am not famous—yet—nor do I have superpowers. (Although my grandchildren still wonder how I can pull small balls out of their ears) Allow me to share some of my knowledge and experiences with you. Hopefully, you will gain insight into an area thought to be too complicated to understand.

How Strong Is Your Why?

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